How to be involved

For the following projects we need people who are willing to support us with a regular monthly sponsorship. One-off donations are also welcome.

1. Taking on more children into the Uzimatele Family Home.

At the moment 17 children are living under the roof of Uzimatele. In our house we have room for 20 children, but we need reliable support to cater for food and education. 


2. Continuous expansion of the Uzimatele Educational Centre

In the year 2018 we were able to install new classrooms, sanitary facilities and a sufficient water-tank for our school. This was possible through the support of Bread for the World and many private supporters. The development of the school continues now. In a next step we want to build and equip a library for our students and erect a security wall. To ensure the quality of education we need ongoing support for the teachers's salaries and further education programs.


3. Ladies Empowerment Centre

Here women can learn to sow and start to make a living from this. We need funds to buy material and to pay the teachers.


Every sponsor receives a valid tax statement for the donations. We also welcome voluntary services and internships. Ideas can be discussed directly (Wiebke Witt 0179-5794539).

You can transfer your donation to this account:


Spar- und Kreditbank Bad Homburg
IBAN: DE09 5009 2100 0001 5300 11
Reference: Uzimatele

Donations are exclusively used for Uzimatele. We transfer 100% of the money without deducting administration costs.

With donations via we want to support the expansion of our school.