Uzimatele is a Swahili word meaning "A full life" and the name describes our program. There is a lot of life in this project and a lot of things happening…

Uzimatele – A Partnership for the right to education

It has already been a year since our last project visit, where we witnessed the opening of the new school buildings. Nevertheless, we are in continuous contact with our partners in Nairobi. We discuss the most important topics of concern during joint board meetings via Skype. Moreover, Pastor George sends us the latest developments via text. We as the Uzimatele Family would primarily like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank the whole WIR GESTALTEN e.V community and all our private donors. Thank you for supporting the right to education.

"Every child has a right to free and compulsory basic education." (Kenyan Constitution, Article 53 (1) B

"Jeder hat das Recht auf Bildung." (Artikel 26, Allgemeine Erklärung der Menschenrechte)

Skypekonferenz Uzimatele


Nobel Prize winners: Bread and Education (November 2020)

On October 9, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) was surprisingly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

"Climate shocks and economic problems have further exacerbated the suffering of these people. And now a global pandemic with brutal economic and community impacts is pushing millions more to the brink of starvation," said WFP Executive Director David Beasley in his statement.

We were not surprised.

Since March 2020, the people of Nairobi have been affected by the effects of the lockdown and our local partners have also radically and rapidly shifted the focus of their work to providing food and hygiene products. Thanks to great support, a distribution of relief supplies to 165 families of the Uzimatele Education Center has now taken place for the fourth time. The supplies are sufficient for several weeks at a time.

Food distribution

Since mid-October, the schools in Nairobi have been partially reopened, but only for "candidates", i.e. children in grades 4 and 8, who have to prepare for the National Exams. Also in the Uzimatele Education Center, some of the students are affected by this, and some classes are being resumed.

Three children from the Uzimatele Family Home are currently going back to school: Christine and Angela in 4th grade, Anna in 8th grade.

More information about the current school situation in Kenya can be found here.

Since the consequences of the COVID-19 measures and the course of the pandemic are unpredictable, we want to continue to provide food aid. When school operations can be fully resumed, we want to reliably provide a nutritious school meal. This has not always been possible in the past. Today it is more important than ever. Also for hygiene articles, learning material and a fair payment of our teachers: we still need support. We are happy about Christmas donations and regular contributions to our account or via betterplace.


Family Home (August 2019)

  • 4 Youth enrolled in High School
  • 2 Boys in 8th Grade, who will in the coming year join High School
  • 12 Children in Primary School
  • 1 Student in College
  • 1 Student in University (Lovine is about to sit for her Law Exam and would like to be a Lawyer)

The Children are currently at home on holiday until the 2nd September.

Challenges: After three years our registration as a public institution expires this year and we will renew it. As a result of high school fees, we do not have enough funds to cover the cost of living.

Current needs: Family Home: Further regular donations to cover the cost of daily needs (Food, Clothes, School Fees) are openly welcomed.


Uzimatele Educational Centre (Stand August 2019)

At the Moment we have 150 students, 10 teachers and assistance with the book keeping and the administration. For the first time we have students in the 8th class who will be taking their final primary exam (similar to MSA).

Challenges: We want to guarantee good education and introduce the new Kenyan Curriculum as the Standard system at our school. That will require some effort and further training.

Current needs: Because our school is located in a slum area and we would like to grant education to as many children as possible, we cannot expect to have high and regular school fees. It is difficult to procure good books and materials for the children. Furthermore, it is also proving challenging to pay for the further training and wages for the teachers. We would be pleased, if people are able to take up the educational sponsorship for school quality and fair teachers’ wages.


The Teachers



Expansion Uzimatele Educational Centre 2018

Thanks to Bread for the World and many private supporters, we were able to expand our school. Two new classrooms, sanitary facilities and a sufficient water tank were built up. Thank you all!



Internship Benno Grünberg 2017

For the first time we had a German student doing an internship at Uzimatel Educational Centre. Benno Grünberg was very popular among kids and teachers and enriched our school with his talents. You find his report here.



Construction phase Uzimatele Educational Centre 2018

Building a greenhouse with support from the Bayer Foundation 2017

Project visits in Kenya 2014-2018

Through business trips and support from Bread for the World we were able to visit the project regularly in the past years. Like this we were able to build even more mutual trust maintain our good relationships. Here are some impressions:

Visit 2018

Visit 2017

Visit 2016

Visit 2015

Visit 2014